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      Hotline: +88 02 9881628, +88 01841235599
      Address: Gulshan -2, Dhaka -1212

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      Lira Group Of Industries- is high technology enterprise which integrates researching and developing, manufactures of plastic pipes and fittings, engineering, trading and marketing. Lira was established in 1965, and is leading in domestic & industrial piping field in Bangladesh.

      Lira is the leading top 3 manufacturer of plastic pipe and fitting in Bangladesh. products mainly include HDPE pipe and fitting, HDPE, Upvc, Thread Pipes. household items, Corrugated pipe, SO Pipes, Water pumps.
      PPR pipe and fitting, Doors, Upvc sheets, upvc ceilings, plastic furniture, plastic house hold including indoor & outdoor items, kitchen items along with poly packaging, cloth hangers and plastic raw materials. we are know for the hard working determination in quality of our products.

      Fazlur Rahman
      For Lira Group Of Industries.
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      What We Offer

      Our Projects

      Lira Industrial Enterprise Ltd

      Lira Group is proud to be one of the leading plastic goods manufacturer of industrial companies. Our businesses are active in uPVC Pipes, Doors, Fittings, Packaging and Plastic Household & Furniture manufacturing.

      Lira Doors Ltd.

      Industrial Lira Doors Ltd. was started on 27th December 2015. That has now proudly become the leading plastic door provider in Bangladesh . Having Business good will in both domestically and internationally. Managed by G.M Md. Mukbul Hossain Mukul.

      Bari Plastic

      Bari Plastic is specialized in polymer, chemicals and additive supplier in Bangladesh. Attention to detail, prompt delivery and product quality resulted in major growth of company and it is not just trader or supplier it is technology transfer and technical supporter.

      Samrat Packaging Industries

      Samrat Packaging Industries has been associated with quality, service and integrity in the manufacture of Garments Poly Bags polyethylene film bags & Hangers.

      Lira polymer Industries Ltd

      Our next generation product is uPVC Door profile & sheets. A 100% environment friendly product substituting woods & metal doors with minimum cost,maximum durability & mass satisfaction

      Lira Plastic

      Constantly improving to grow as the best in plastic home appliance in Bangladesh.We believe in the best quality products are from the best materials.? ?Quality products from furniture, household, kitchen, shower items etc.

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      Lira Group is one of the market leaders in the plastic industry in Bangladesh with its history of pride, trust of the people and quality of products, since 1965.? The company’s aim to provide consumers with uPVC Pipes & Fittings, Plastic Household & Furniture, uPVC Doors & Ceiling, Water Pumps & Motors and many other related products for their needs and convenience. We accomplish this by listening to consumer’s needs and wants and translating this information into improved products that will gain their full satisfaction. We continuously develop a comprehensive line of products for different purposes and aims to become the best manufacturing company in this sector in Bangladesh, and soon globally.

      • We are capable in products that customers can trust.
      • We are reliable to delivering on time.
      • Efficient in supping product to client demands.
      • Capable in updating products to customers lickings and needs.
      • Compatible to use the best materials to make the best products.
      • We are capable to provide best offers to new businesses.
      • We are capable in keeping long term relations with our respected clients.
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      What Clients Say

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      For Quote

      For Business:

      Send us an email : info@www.m1j55zs.buzz
      Telephone number : +88 02 9881628

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      Here will be our social media pages and all of our links of different web sites.

      Lira is a group is leading in plastic manufacturing companies of Bangladesh. We are providing business and every necessary item of a Basic household scene 1965.

      Contact information.

      s/n contact person name and email Contact number motive
      ? ?MD. Mukbul Hossain Mukbul


      01841328181 DGM


      ? Md. Bodiruzzaman Badal


      01841236688 Plastic


      ? Md. Ahsan Habib


      01841327879 Manager Corperate (S.M.) Pipe and Fittings
      ? Md. Kamrul Hasan


      01841327670 All export
      ? Md. Rabiul Islam (SM)


      01841328250 customer service & Info. Pump

      Lira has been a meager part in plastic industries in Bangladesh. We are racked in the top of the field state of the art technological plastics manufacturing products. The high Quality of the products are second to none in quality. We have provided business trust reliance science 1965. We also tribute to social need and aide and service via events.



      The link to our door pages and ceiling pages.


      The ongoing product promotion and contest offer on Facebook pages.

      The information to pump and its configuration.

      55+ years of experiences for give you better results.

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